Maybe I have to try to forget it, hehe. Already have an account? M-Crew is a very nice program and it should work with these drivers. The board in the front panel was so badly bent I was actually quite shocked it remained intact not just after whatever happened to it but after many years of the stress of just being left like that–indeed no one had attempted to correct the physical problem! Can’t find it even in the uk.

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Posted May 16, To replace the CD drive it’s cmt m333nt going to cost me about double what I paid for the unit itself, but hey them’s the breaks. I searched and found the part was discontinued and “NLA” no longer available even from places that still listed it. There’s only a couple ICs cmt m333nt it and they’re not really what you’d call main ICs.

Contact support Contact your Sony Support team. In the end I did not bother re-swapping to the m33nt sled motor, I just left it like that.

To begin with, the unit was pretty bad overall, though functioning. The CD section really took me a lot of hours of time, much of it wasted cmt m333nt my m333mt stupidity Posted December 10, Easy enough fix since the cap is right beside it–I just bridged it with cmt m333nt drop of solder, heh.


Sony CMT-M333NT

Can’t find it even in the uk. Cmt m333nt you are an expert already, and we will welcome you back if you have more questions. All that said and done, treated all the surfaces as well as the cones and surrounds with Aerospace protectant.

I figured n333nt must be the rather stiff and rackety sled motor. cmt m333nt

MD Community Page: Sony CMT-MNT/MNT

I apologize for wandering off on this tangent. Pretty ridiculous someone would write on a speaker with a pen but good news Cmt m333nt was able to scrub that out, again by using cmt m333nt Meg’s compound though I suppose magic eraser would have worked too.

Sign In Sign Up. What I am NOT sure is whether you have to install another driver on top of what is there now. cmt m333nt

Sony CMT-M333NT Manuals

The plastic of the top panel was a bit warped and the finish on it badly, badly oxidised. I actually messaged the seller cmt m333nt I was cmt m333nt it but they never replied–oh well guess they weren’t interested.

Then delete any blank tracks from the MD. Maybe I have to try to forget it, hehe.

Also said the tape deck he’d never tried, but no one really cares about that right? Cmt m333nt in M333nt have an account? Because the tape holder only serves as an insertion mechanism and the tape still sits flat against the “floor” of cmt m333nt tape deck once you close the door, it doens’t affect azimuth or operation at all.


Sony CMT-MNT – Manual – Micro Component System – HiFi Engine

Hi all, been a very long time since I’ve been on these forums! Anyway I know this is cmt m333nt long, but comments 3m33nt welcome But then as luck would have it I found the broken part of the cam elsewhere cmt m333nt the unit.

Eagerly awaiting your review. Register a new cmt m333nt. The front panel other than being completely broken was a bit dirty, some of the buttons gunked up and to press cmy of them you really had to press as the board was bent behind them. Our site is not optimized for your cmt m333nt browser. Ugh what a nightmare.

Thanks for your kind words, Stephen. It’s part of the M-Crew download. The top panel had a lot of warpage from what I can only attribute could have cmt m333nt one or two or combination of things. If can stand it, try reading here: