Download Free Drivers Here Input Devices ALTEC LANSING ADA885 DRIVERS FOR WINDOWS XP


Also equally quickly I noticed that the subwoofer would rather quickly stop working. I think one important thing here is that the 2 amps are missing a few parts but 1 still works. Everything looks perfectly fine–no burns, dust, bulging caps or loose connections, that I could determine, anyway. Ad posted 17 days ago. You can use these speakers two ways. KrisM , Nov 29,

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Okay – so realized that I had to go deeper into the abys: Notice the absolutely gorgeous toroidal power transformer in the cavity.

Altec Lansing ADA885 speakers from old pc. How can I reuse them?

When you open the box, you’re greeted with a bundle of cables. February 21 by dad Okay, took the whole thing back apart again – be careful tightening the speaker screws – that’s only particle board and strips easily! Ad posted 16 days ago. Close the cookie policy warning By using this altec lansing ada885 you agree to the use of cookies.

Now, unfortunately I don’t think I had the brains to take pictures while I was in there so I don’t remember what is what. The quick start guide left pictureis on the Multi-Channel altec lansing ada885.

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Altec Lansing said neither schematics nor replacement circuitboards were available. Gently pull altec lansing ada885 speaker out – there’s only aad885 8″ of cable available so find a SAFE place to lean it. It was plugged into a sound card on my old PC, and I would like to use it with my Mac.


Maybe this will help geeky folk!

Here’s the outputs on the back of a typical sound card: I should note, too, that I’m using the speakers in their stacked form, IE the two surround sats plugged in atop the main speakers, so I’m not using the surround altec lansing ada885 on the sub at all. Ad posted 27 days ago.

Later, I found that connecting the 2 red wires altec lansing ada885 of this large 4-pin plug going to the speakergave qltec full bass – driving both coils with one amp – never would fly if I needed a lot of volume, but I’m in a small apt in a noise sensitive area The high performance electronics repair kit. Do you already have an account?

Altec Lansing ADA885 THX Dolby Digital Speakers – 2.1 Subwoofer + Speakers

Luck was a huge factor in my success. Right now, I’m at a loss as to how to troubleshoot this issue, but I figure that since altec lansing ada885 pretty familiar with the exact model I’m trying to altec lansing ada885 and seem to have a lot more general electrical knowledge than I that maybe you’d lqnsing able to give me some pointers or better direct my efforts.


Thanks so much for responding ada85 for documenting the work you did.

Loosen the 4 screws completely and the box will drop down. Kris I appreciate the help. Posted days ago.

Altec Lansing Ada THX Dolby Multimedia Speakers Dp/n HKT Control Center | eBay

I’ll bookmark this thread, and if you’re still on this board and inclined to reply, I guess I’ll hear from you. Anything ever happen with this? BonkersDec lwnsing, Ad posted 22 days ago. Top searches Top locations. Ad posted 28 days ago. Note that I deleted the second option a few posts up How I have mine set up altecc matter, should it?

Given the circuity’s observable state, it altec lansing ada885 impossible to troubleshoot as there’s nothing to indicate that any particular part is worse or better off than another.

The one that had altec lansing ada885 out 0.

Selling these amazing speakers from SONY. I think what is best here is that I go off and do my errands, and this evening take it apart again and take some pictures.