Need help, need the software to re-upload. Use the buttons to the right of the LCD to advance to the next section of numbers. Thank you very much friend for your reply. These patches should be loaded prior to installing this new patch ZLKZ. Press the button next to [Protocol Setup]. Told need to install ps patch.

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Addresses the following issue: You need an old version, probably CWS4. Take a look here and here. Fiery x12 1 to 10 diery If necessary, modify the Subnet Mask Address.

I have a screen attached and I see a “Boot Failure” message see full message below. Most likely one of two things fiery x12, the software is corrupt or the video board on the fiery is bad. I fiery x12 from Sydney, Australia. Do I need a print driver add it as a printer on the Win 7. Need help, need the software fiegy re-upload.

Scan backs are too light after Fiery x12 Patch fiery x12 loaded. Were You Looking For? Press the button next to [Network Setup]. I’ll check and see if I have a copy, I think I loaned out to someone and never got it back but z12 look in the disc box at work and get back with you tomorrow.

Now when i turn the Fiery on its screen is blank and the activity light is solid red. Message 2 of 13 Fiery x12.

System Software for FIERY X

Press the up or down arrow button to select [Yes], then press the button next to [OK]. I’ll try reseting everything and see how it goes. Details vBulletin Mods by vBSocial. No idea what menu’s there are, it’s been fiery x12 years since I have seen one.

I have heard from the friend, that for solving this problem. Fiery x12 do not need HW61 loaded in order for this patch to work.

Fiery X12 boot up issue

Is it Windows XP? These patches should be loaded prior to installing this new patch IAY7. Message 1 of 13 Fiery x12.

Quick Picks All 13 Displays the items matching the following selected values: Fiery x12 have to reinstall the drivers and software in the Harddrive of the Fiery. Followed these instructions before but now getting “network controller error”. The copier goes into a cycle mode or a paper jam occurs when printing large duplex documents. Press fiery x12 button next to [Run Setup]. Thanks i will give this a ago.

I want to know which type of Operating software fiefy Softwares are installed in Fiery X Page 1 of 3 fiery x12 2 3 Last Jump to page: Please read release notes before installing.

We have fiery x12 Fiery X12 connected to a DocuColor 12 circa !