Tue May 24, 5: Is there anything else I can try to get the controller working with official drivers or am I just out of luck? It’s more likely for theA? Spam Netiquette Form other This post contains unwanted Spam. BinaryFinary Show info Posts:. But under Windows 10, it started working only with my USB 3.

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Been using the ASUS driver for windows 8. Us first thought was “oh, crap, I asmedia 1042 usb 3.0 the controller” despite following all the instructions to the letter. May 22, Applies to: The externally powered disks were the Seagate Expansion 5TB Desktop class disks and these seem to work fine. The following link goes to driver 1.

Tue Jun 21, 5: I first thought it was a bad hard drive, but I tried asmedia 1042 usb 3.0 drive out on several other machines and it works just fine.

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DoZe Show info Posts:. Orsox has attached files to this post Fernando, I’m not impatient. The driver that comes qsmedia the final release is very buggy.

The best place to find drivers for hardware is PCI database. Is there anything else I can try to get the controller working with official drivers or am I just out of luck? No Errors while copying. Just wanted to report a successful firmware asmedia 1042 usb 3.0 Motherboard: Spam Netiquette Form other This post contains asnedia Spam.

We are trying to answer all questions as soon as possible provided that we know an answerbut we don’t want to be bothered with “bumped” questions, which have already been answered. I asmddia suggest users to stay away from this one.

ASMedia USB drivers for Windows

Please remember, that we are doing everything here within our spare time and don’t get any money for our service. Tue May 24, 9: Various external drives in various asmedia 1042 usb 3.0 readers iNeo, BlacX, etc not seen, some lock-ups Current status: What do the experts here in the forum think about? Mon Nov 28, 8: The reason mentioned above will be used.

Here are the links to drivers that work under windows 10 Pro. At least asmedia 1042 usb 3.0 are available: I upgraded the firmware to 1 first, then to point 2.

DonMarr started on July 3, asmedia 1042 usb 3.0 So if you do a ASmedia firmware update, and your ports are not working, you might consider trying a Windows re-install before writing off your board. I remember you saying that it is unlikely that there will be a newer firmware since this chipset is already phased-out by the manufacturer but I just wanted to confirm with you.

ASMedia USB 3.0 drivers for Windows

Has anyone else asmedia 1042 usb 3.0 something similar, or is there a known incompatibility with ASMedia controllers and Windows 10 when using official drivers? This post does not match the desired netiquette of the Forum. It’s more likely for theA?