This test showed that red and blue ramped up cleanly from no color to intense color for each. I afraid that it could be either the video card failure or the LCD failure. Can you help me? The screen kept flickering and then a lil while ago it just went red and constant flickering. Sadly within 6 months of the warranty expiring the screen died on me.

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Since it continued to work well, I reassembled the display, and it continued, and still does work well. I took apart the cable assembly, used contact cleaner and put it back tecra a3-s611. It did not tecra a3-s611 my problem. Tecrs tested with multimedia projector, the line is not in the project display. Hook up SVGA work ok. Is there any instructions available?

So I purchased a new inverter from Ebay and installed the inverter. Do you think its a problem with the lcd screen or could it be something else? Thanks so much for tecra a3-s611 posts. The problem also a3–s611 in bios. One of my users has an Inspiron that is used mainly with an external monitor.

Can anybody help me with this? So far, this seems to be the tecra a3-s611 place aa3-s611 look for answers! I am probably going to take it apart and just leave the screen off soon, just so its tecra a3-s611 tiny desktop computer with a built in keyboard and mouse.

I think that you have a problem with the LCD screen but after tecra a3-s611 mentioned this:. Greg, Have you tested if the laptop works fine with an external screen before you replaced the internal LCD? So not gecra 5 mins and windows is tecra a3-s611 up and the screen turns different colors.

That was the indication I guess that the backlight was still alive and that it was the inverter that was not jump starting the light properly. When I finally got the bezel and display tecra a3-s611, the connection looked good, and was covered with tape that appeared tecra a3-s611 be holding it securely.

Just thought you ought to get some kuddos. Recently she came to tecra a3-s611 because the screen on the laptop had this pink hue to it, but the display on a3-d611 external monitor was fine. The diagnostics clearly say that LCD, inverter, cable are all fine. The lcd screen now only shows resolution and will not ttecra over the netire Once I reboot it starts to show only the red vertical lines and later the coloured dots and lines. External monitor works fine so most likely the motherboard tecra a3-s611 fine.

As tecra a3-s611 as I applied some tension to the screen it z3-s611 the pattern. Is this a grounding issue. Thanks CJ, I wish I had found this page before I ordered an invertor board for the tecra a3-s611 screen with lines going through it problem. This was on a AS and the problem seem to be some sort of connector on the motherboard with the video card. When I use teh external a3-ss611 the startup looks fine. Once this happens, I restart q3-s611 computer and everything is fine until I move the screen.

If I play with it trying to open it or closing to a certain point it will work.

You can use these discs to reimage the hard drive back to factory defaults. When you move the LCD screen some lines tecra a3-s611 disappear or more lines appear on the screen.

Do you still see the same stripe on the screen in BIOS tecra a3-s611 and it covers part of the image? I re-seated the tecra a3-s611 on the screen and mb, and inverter but no luck.

Fixing bad video on LCD screen

Is it possible to change that cable on that particularly model? Do I tecra a3-s611 a bad inverter too or something else.

However, the green color did not have a smooth transition. I found that if I tilt the laptop a little will reset the color and brightness to its normal display and stay like that as long as it is kept in that position which is a little awkward at times.

What could be the problem? Apparently, even though the display is tecra a3-s611 on an external laptop, the problem was with the main board. Yecra switch could be located inside one of the holes on the palmrest. tecra a3-s611

Fixing bad video on LCD screen | Laptop Repair

Also, if I reboot it tecra a3-s611 to work again for awhile. I shut it down by holding the button, started it up, and then it came up with those lines for two seconds and then was normal.

May be you have a faulty video cable and there are shorted wires inside the cable? Thanks for any advice you can provide. When you apply pressure on tecra a3-s611 laptop case, you are flexing the motherboard. This laptop displays inverted colors right from the startup.

I bought another lcd, put it in, replaced the cables,and now I get color with vertical lines but no picture. It was caused by tecra a3-s611 liquid spill. The computer is slightly over a year old.

The pen caused a hugr black screen displaed image. Good afternoon, I love this site and have reviewed all of the questions and answers, and tecra a3-s611 not find an answer to my problem so here it goes.