Select Exit Setup, and press the Enter key. Do not use any other AC adapter as it may cause a malfunction. To modify this, you can change the Sleep mode settings. Other software programs may not be fully compatible and errors may result. When is my computer using AC power?

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Printing Printing What should I do if I cannot print a document? Page Web site http: Using Fingerprint Authentication Your computer may be equipped with a fingerprint sensor to provide you with additional convenience. When you are not using your floppy disk, always remove it from the floppy disk drive and use a storage case. Double-click the System Information icon under the System Information folder. If you choose a different regional keyboard when you complete the Windows setup, the key configuration will be mismatched.

Enrolling A Fingerprint Enrolling a Fingerprint To use the fingerprint authentication functionality, you must enroll your fingerprint s in your dony. Among other things, you will learn how to use and customize the look of your Sony software sony vaio vgn cr320e utilities, etc.

Using Hibernate Mode In Hibernate mode, the state of the system is saved on the hard disk drive and power is turned off. sony vaio vgn cr320e

Mouse Mouse What should I do if my sony vaio vgn cr320e does not recognize my mouse? Due to the multiple formats of discs now available, when buying pre-recorded or blank discs for use with a VAIO computer, be sure to read the notices on the disc packaging carefully to check both playback and recording compatibility with your computer’s optical disc drives.

What should I do if other Bluetooth devices cannot connect to my computer? Do not install the screw 1 in step sony vaio vgn cr320e into other screw holes, as doing so may cause damage to your computer because the length of the screw 1 is longer than that of other screws 2.

Connecting A Multimedia Computer Display Connecting a Multimedia Computer Display You can connect a multimedia computer sony vaio vgn cr320e that includes built-in speakers and a microphone to your computer. When should I recharge the battery pack?

Sony VGN-CR305E User Manual

Speakers What should I do if my external speakers do not work? Bluetooth Technology What should I do if other Bluetooth devices cannot discover my computer? To use the sony vaio vgn cr320e care function You can select your desired maximum charge level with the battery care function to reduce battery degradation.

If the computer is not used for a certain period of time, it will enter Sleep mode. Select the desired control item and change the sony vaio vgn cr320e. Press the drive eject button 1 to open the drive.

Troubleshooting Troubleshooting This section describes how to solve ct320e problems you might encounter when using your VAIO computer. Page – Battery Page – can my computer enter hibernate mode whi Click to Disc software Sony Electronics Inc. The memory card ejects. Insert a DVD into the optical disc drive. Each device communicates directly with other devices in the network.

Action Description Point Slide your finger on the touch sony vaio vgn cr320e 1 to soby the pointer 2 on an item or object.

To view the online specifications: The battery pack continues to charge while you are using the computer. Panita que pasa con megaupload que no puedo descargarlo te agraderia que sony vaio vgn cr320e pudieras decir gracias por el aporte.

Check with fgn staff to see if use of the Bluetooth functionality on the computer is permitted.

آموزش و مشکلات نصب و راه اندازی لپ تاپ سونی وایو ( Tutorials and Problems LapTop Sony Vaio )

This manual also for: Your computer has been tested and found compatible only with major memory card media available as of Sony vaio vgn cr320e Your USB floppy disk drive 3 is now ready for use. Plug the display cable 2 not supplied into the monitor VGA port 3 a on the sony vaio vgn cr320e.

To format a Memory Stick media The Memory Stick media has been formatted in the factory default setting and is ready for use. Using Special-function Buttons Your computer is equipped with special buttons to help you use specific functions of the computer.

Windows 7 Drivers Pack (/) – IntercambiosVirtuales

If you want to work on your computer screen and the external display at the same time, see Using the Multiple Monitors Function page 81 sony vaio vgn cr320e more information. Touch Pad What should I do if the touch pad does not work? Program Support Vao Program Support Information Depending on the computer model and particular configuration you purchased, your computer may not include all of the sony vaio vgn cr320e programs listed below.

Communicating With An Access Point infrastructure An infrastructure network is a network that extends an existing wired local network to wireless devices by providing an access point not suppliedfor example the Sony Access Sony vaio vgn cr320e. Entry of the Eony password will be prompted after you select your user account.

Windows 7 Drivers Pack (/) – IntercambiosVirtuales

You will lose all unsaved data. Using The Keyboard Using the Keyboard Your keyboard is very similar to a desktop computer keyboard, but has additional keys that perform model-specific tasks. With this software sony vaio vgn cr320e, you can enhance the Windows power management functions to ensure better operation of your computer and longer battery life.

Protector Suite QL Edition allows you to easily setup vai fingerprint sensor equipped on your computer. Select the headset icon and select Disconnect. The memory module is released. Precautions Precautions This section describes safety guidelines sony vaio vgn cr320e precautions to help you protect your VAIO computer from potential damage.

Once completed, click OK. Page – Internet Page – why is my modem connection slow Page – Networking Page – what should i do if i cannot access the