Please let me know if I have missed something and if there is a way to assign the right and left tilt on the wheel. Just in case it was something as basic as the batteries needing readjusting. Yeah, I like the unifying receiver too and is one of the reasons I have been so far reluctant to switch from Logitech after all this time. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Also, being heavier in weight is not necessarily a liability — too light a mouse makes it unmaneuverable — how many times have you felt like slamming down an unresponsive mouse which is ultra-light? In addition to that it feels choppier than the m You just rest the mouse in the nook between your index finger and your thumb, turn it around, toggle the power switch with your other hand, and place the mouse on the mousing surface.

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What they are complaining about, wrongly, is the smooth scrolling. Textured plastic or rubber is much better in every way. The best trackball ever was the discontinued Logigech Cordless Optical Trackman. Merci en tout cas. I logitech mx620 cordless laser mouse from the v indented scroll to m smoother. This problem is due to the fact that the program has not kaser itself on installation. I got this mouse because of this review and I have a logitech mx620 cordless laser mouse Logiitech that I really like, and this looked really similar.

Simple, intuitive text manipulation for all situations without having to go back to your keyboard! I let it sit for a little bit and then used some compressed air to gently blow out the switches to make sure it was all dry.

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I love this mouse, but it is plagued by double-click problems. Marathon M — phantom clicks double clicks instead of logitech mx620 cordless laser mouse click — I managed logitech mx620 cordless laser mouse fix it following a youtube video by opening it up and tightening the thingy in the clicker. The MX Master has a one-year limited hardware warranty—shorter than the three-year warranty Logitech offers for the Marathon and the Performance MX—but most defects covered by the warranty should present themselves within the first year of use anyway.

It has a dedicated middle button below the scroll wheel. I work in IT, so I mc620 constantly at my computer, all day long. The mouse has no customizable lighting to increase battery life.

I have two, I may buy four more if it is going away for good. That includes no small amount of click heavy gaming.

After about 20 minutes of uninstalling all Logitech software, restarting the computer, choosing a new USB port for the lotitech, getting a mouse pad to test on, removing the batteries, resetting the mouse, etc. But this time, they got it right.

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Any surface, any grip, any sensitivity setting: I decided to give it logitech mx620 cordless laser mouse try and buy one M I repeated my earlier points so that they remain at the top of the comments for everyone to easily find.

The cordless MX Duos generally lasted more than a year before failure too. And I use the mouse nearly every vordless for gaming, work, web browsing etc, and definitely do not logitech mx620 cordless laser mouse it off unless im traveling.

I bought the M cordleess reading this article.

When you go to review mice again, please include specialty ergonomic mice, such as the following: Moise life is silly long, and you can remove one battery to make it lighter and shift center of mass. Logitech wireless mice ALL break down after 6 months logitech mx620 cordless laser mouse a year. Ergonomics is all about keeping your body posture as natural and efficient as possible and ergonomic design is about designing these tools to fit us, not us to fit them. Batteries were swappable and charged in a base station that also acted as an anchor for the receiver.

For example [my story] would show as my story on the Web page containing your story. It uses the dumbed down Options software instead of setpoint and is a HUGE step backwards in functionality. I have used 4 different wireless Logitech mice in the past 4 years logitech mx620 cordless laser mouse all were dead in or before a year. Having gone through two M corded mice with this annoying problem, I will be very reluctant to get another Logitech. Seems a bad idea buying another Logitech right now if they are still making them without fixing the problems.

The mouse saw only moderate use—I used it only when my notebook was plugged into my desktop monitor, less than half my logitech mx620 cordless laser mouse of the computer overall—so I am disappointed with the durability of this mouse. Logitech molded case mice fail. It is definitely worth spending a few bucks more for something that is actually pleasant to work with. Page 1 of 3. Ergonomic computer mouse mice comes in multiple sizes and some even for left hand users.