Well I got the new cable today. I got 8 Dell Windows staring back at me, then 8 Windows 7 boot ups then everything goes blank. Maybe you accidentally pulled the cable from the connector while taking apart the display panel? I installed the new screen AS according to your ScreenTex tutorial and my screen does not come on. So what shall i do? The left portion of the screen is good but in other parts some are black and some with other color with no clear image.

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Disconnect the new LCD and install the old damaged one back in place. Skip to Main Content. If I then leave the new screen plugged in sony vaio pcg-7t1l restart the laptop it does not light up.

New screen installed but not working | Laptop Repair

Keith November 27, Im looking for 9 pin sata cable for internal power connector for my Asus W3V. Michael February 7, Second I want to ask the experts if this screen is repairable. Sony vaio pcg-7t1l be defective video cable.

Maybe you should try installing 64bit instead of 32bit? Backlight is A OK. I can here the fan kick in but no screen. While trying to get the pictures for my supplier, I believe I ruined the driver board-to-lcd connection. You never know until you try. Nelson December 10, I cannot tell sony vaio pcg-7t1l the LCD screen was damaged before you installed it into the laptop or you damaged it, but it does sound like a bad screen.

Sometimes updating the laptop BIOS to the sony vaio pcg-7t1l version can help.

Or does the lack of display on an external monitor mean that the video components have failed? But there vaip a crack on the outside and the damage to my screen is on the sony vaio pcg-7t1l spot on the inside.

Repairing LCD is not something you can do it yourself. I have two broken laptops: In the end I got it repaired by:.

I have some problems as well: Your blog is quite interesting. We have ordered a screen from screenaid and need to find a resolution for our customer. I was able to use plyers and destroy the old screen was already broke to get the sony vaio pcg-7t1l bracket off that, pcg-7tl use a hammer to straighten it out. I have a laptop problem where I dropped it in the airport while in the bag and ever since, when I turn on the laptop the screen comes on faint backlight and the screen is dark wit ha sony vaio pcg-7t1l of very fine vertical lines.

Does anypne have any ideas?

New screen installed but not working

Im sure the screen i compatible. If new screen incompatible, has it done any irreversible damage?

I even tried my old one and now it wont work?? Try reconnecting the vqio cable just in case. Do you sony vaio pcg-7t1l what this part is called. Unplug the LCD cable from the motherboard and start sony vaio pcg-7t1l laptop with an external monitor. Can you get light on the broken screen and the laptop is turned on? Does the white tape get pulled back and the old metal frame pcg-7t1k and goe on the replacement lcd?

When it gets to my desktop home screen it turns into a bunch of vertical lines.