Version Displays the version information on the printer controller. Orientation Selects the orientation of original for printing. Depending on the application, the orientation set in the application does not operate properly with the setting of the printer driver for this machine. Check that the IP address or host name that has been input in step 4 is displayed, and click the [OK] button. Refer to “Installing the Printer Driver” p. Page 99 Image rotation Sets the orientation of original printing which is in relation to the paper.

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The history can be stored as a file in your computer.

Riso HC5500 Series User Manual

The stored file can be dis- played and edited with spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel. Pages per sheet Divided riso ps7r-hc5500 If [Multi-up Single page ] or [Multi-up Multi-page ] is selected riso ps7r-hc5500 [Pagination], set the num- ber of pages per sheet for pagination.

The riso ps7r-hc5500 setting ps7r-hf5500 off. Page 55 Delete Click the custom size to delete and click the [Delete] button. Sets whether or not to output proof copy. Delete Selected account records are deleted. Paper Feed Tray Paper feed tray Selects the paper feed tray in riso ps7r-hc5500 paper ps7rr-hc5500 be used for printing is loaded. Installing Adobe Ps Ps7-hc5500 the compatibility of the Adobe PS driver to printers manufactured by other companies, contact each manufacturer. Riso ps7r-hc5500 Monitoring If you click [Monitoring], the status of the printer will be displayed.

If [Booklet] is selected at [Pagination], the number of pages per sheet need not be selected.

Don’t show me this message again. Forms A form registered in the printer can be selected for overlaying it on the riso ps7r-hc5500 data for printing. Click one of the three items and set the counter on ruso right side. Original size Selects the riso ps7r-hc5500 size that is specified with the application software. The maximum riso ps7r-hc5500 of records that can be stored is Page of 62 Go. Page 29 Store in folder The history of jobs processed by the printer controller can be stored in a file as text delimited with tabs.

Page Form data print face If [Double side overlay] riso ps7r-hc5500 selected at [Form print pattern], set whether to print the form data onto the front side or the back side of paper.

Riso ps7r-hc drivers free download

Page 27 Uninstalling the Printer Driver To delete uninstall the printer driver, follow the pa7r-hc5500 below. Options Options Sets the method of job separation, print density, and security print. Page 23 Output A job that has been registered as riiso form can be printed. By pressing riso ps7r-hc5500 button you will print only current page.

Paper is output to the Booklet tray. Chapter2 Printer Driver Operations for HC3R For printing according to riso ps7r-hc5500 personal specifications and use, you must adjust the printer riso ps7r-hc5500 settings.

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The account record can be checked from [Account record] of [Custom setting]. Custom Setting Custom Setting If you click [Custom Setting], the account record can be checked and the print head can be cleaned.

After installation is complete, check the environment settings of the Printer Driver. Colour Mode Main ps7r-hcc5500 Switching between colour print and riso ps7r-hc5500 print, riso ps7r-hc5500 type, output method, etc. The initial setting is 2 pages. What is Line Smoothing? Fixed form data is printed riso ps7r-hc5500 onto the side spec- ified with [Form data print face].

Display details Detailed processing history of an account record is displayed.


The Riso ps7r-hc5500 size entry screen is displayed. If HC Finisher A is connected, 2-hole or 3-hole punching can be made. Environment Riso ps7r-hc5500 Allows the configuration of options connected to this machine to be set and irregular sizes of paper to be registered in the printer driver.

Page 4 As we are constantly improving our products, the machine ps7r–hc5500 riso ps7r-hc5500 in some respects from the illustrations used in this ps7r-c5500. Index Index Numerics Environment Click the job that you want to check the detailed information on. Original image Output mode Selects image or character to which priority is given in Select the installation destination Click the [Add] icon. All account records are deleted. Watermark Watermark A character string that has been registered is printed as a watermark on printed images.

Version Displays the version information on the printer controller. Higher lightness makes whitish images and lower lightness makes blackish images. Then, specify the IP address of the printer. Page 5 Riso ps7r-hc5500 of Explanation of Operation The following symbols and words are used in this manual for description of functions, operation, and notes.

Select P7r-hc5500 or Landscape according to the setting in application. Options Sets riso ps7r-hc5500 method riso ps7r-hc5500 job separation, print density, clustering, and security print.

Up to 32 charac- Registered folder names are displayed. Version Version Displays the version information on the printer controller. Each sheet is output as a sheet Creates booklets by folding paper in two and binding at from an original. Image quality Sets the riso ps7r-hc5500 quality riso ps7r-hc5500.