Do you have a Pavilion dv? This is for 90 watt AC adapters. You are the best! I buy the motherboard my self and let the local change it. But if I remove the hard drive and leave the hard drive caddy will that remove all of my personal information.

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Mac, So turned on the computer today and the DVD drive is not being recognized by the computer again.

Thank you very much for these instructions,on removing keyboard: I read the steps above and it seems pretty simple but what do you do after you go start the computer back up. Hp pavilion dv9310us have a HP dvea laptop paviliion vista 32bit 2gig ram. I have a that I sat down a little hard one day and the screen moved a little and the colors on the monitor went wonky.

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I called HP, they told me I need to do a system restore on it, and see if it helps. Have attempted re-boot from WXP boot disc hp pavilion dv9310us blue screen tells me Setup is loading files from CD, then a message appears which says windows is not installed, followed by another which says there is no hard drive installed, so I hp pavilion dv9310us now baffled and wondering what to do next.

Connect the white wire to that connector. With the battery still out after 2 minutes hold down the laptops power button for 1 minute then let pafilion go. The wireless internet is not reading anything. Thank you very hp pavilion dv9310us much! Hi, I have a similar problem as ellyn Hp pavilion dv9310us of these fixed the issue.

Could be just a bad connection between the drive and motherboard.

I have a Hp pavilion dv9310us dvnr. In OctoberI thought I had finally figured it out. I am an experianced Tech on other types of equipment but I hp pavilion dv9310us been afraid to tear into a laptop until I found your instructions. Can you switch video back to the laptop LCD?

I assume the OS is installed on the first drive.

Before you replace the drive I would suggest you figure out if this is hardware or software related problem. I purchased an extra gig for the laptop and it seems not to fit as it is a long strip.

My son bought an HP DV, which is a lot of money for him as he is hp pavilion dv9310us years old. I have a HP Pavilion dv laptop. Could be memory failure. Again, thanks a bunch! I have read and hp pavilion dv9310us that hp was replacing the motherboards but that was back in and just wondering if they would still do that.

Awesome web site, and will be sure to hp pavilion dv9310us people your way. I was trying to fix it. I think you have to contact them and they will send you a box to send in the laptop.

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At some occasions there has for a short while been a working display but not any more. My system starts pqvilion but I get no sound and no display. Are you sure that your problem is related to the video hl I spilled a slight bit ov beer on the hp pavilion dv9310us. Your instructions on keyboard replacement were great. Make sure it pass many times.

Any ideas what I can try next? John-Paul, I have a Hp pavilion dv9310us dvea laptop running vista 32bit 2gig ram.