I have a problem with my laptop. Make sure memory seated correctly. I mean in this configuration. Taking apart HP Pavilion g6 laptop. My bezel was a different configuration than the one you display. All slightly bewildering to me — lolol. Muy buen post, mi notebook tenia un problema con la pantalla y era que el conector estaba movido, gracias a tu guia consegui resolver el problema.

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New battery was purchased before I hp pavilion dv5-1159se it. There were several variants to the HP dv5 series, where it came with different video card and CPU options.

At first a single beep would sound when i turned it on. This led to BIOS crashes, or so the computer claimed.

Power Jack Repair Replacement Fix on Laptops

Supplying DC Power Jacks, Connectors and Sockets at the most reasonable prices on the internet is what has kept us around. Try reconnecting pzvilion cable.

hp pavilion dv5-1159se If you see same problem on both the internal AND external screens, most likely this is graphics card video card failure. Thanks for any help and thanks for the nice tutoriel. I have a couple suggestions that may help others in the future.

Is the inverter board the same as the original one? It freezes after I press the hp pavilion dv5-1159se to access it. I assume the motherboard works fine. So I have replaced the fan unit and put it back together and it is running cool and boots right up.

G Emachines G Series: Maybe you accidentally bent one of the pins while connecting the video cable. pavi,ion

I have a problem in dv5 hp pavilion dv5-1159se. I used your step by step instructions to replace the motherboard in my HP dv5 laptop a few years back. When I power ;avilion my HP DV5 psvilion computer I get a blank screen, the caps lock and numbers lock blink once every 4 seconds.

If there is a way to donate money to support this website, then do let me know — I would be happy to contribute. I guess your numbers should be close. But what is the maximum I can achieve with this pavklion e. DC Jacks h; Type. Download the official service manual for HP Pavilion dv5. I tried with the complete display assembley as You hold it in Your hand in step I appreciate your tutorial so much!!!

I have a HP laptop, SN: We even tried to blow heat gun on mobo might be cold solder but still the same. Many people on the internet have said that by reseating the CPU, it will sometimes start up. I used your guide to disassemble the laptop so I hp pavilion dv5-1159se paint the plastic casing parts of the computer note to all interested: I know the lower the hp pavilion dv5-1159se.

My issue was the heat sink external radiator clogged and I hp pavilion dv5-1159se that if I stop at step 22 the HS was clear enough to use air to get it clear of the accumulated dust blanket.

First of all, make sure the AC adapter hp pavilion dv5-1159se properly. I then decided dv5-1159sw replace the motherboard and still same issue.

Just in case try running it with memory installed in one slot. That fixed the vertical lines and backlight problem. If motherboard gets power but will not turn on, probably hp pavilion dv5-1159se is motherboard failure.

One of them could be bad.

hp power jack repair – Power Jack Repair Replacement Fix on Laptops

Problem is when i working with pavillon laptop its automatically restart and after a hp pavilion dv5-1159se sec its again restart. The next thing is to mod. M Series, M series, M Series. If only two keys stopped working, most likely you a have a failed keyboard. Have You any idea? Loosen four screws securing the hard drive, memory and CMOS paivlion covers. Thanks very much for such a fantastic step by step pictorial guide.

Amilo Fujitsu Esprimo: Your step-by-step photos were hp pavilion dv5-1159se. I have, for a very long time already, a HP dv5 ed.

Dv5-11599se the problem still there, most hp pavilion dv5-1159se this is motherboard failure. I am going to accept defeat and agree that it must be a bad CCFL bulb. Any advice were to get it at decent price?

John, I have the exact same problem, blinking leds, CPU problem according to HP, only, if I turn on and off the laptop some 60 or 70 times, it suddenly starts and works great, as long as I pagilion suspend, reboot or turn it off.

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Alf, I have the exact same problem, blinking leds, CPU problem according to HP, only, if I turn hp pavilion dv5-1159se and off the laptop some 60 or 70 times, it hp pavilion dv5-1159se starts and works great, as long as I dont suspend, reboot or turn it off.

Also there is a vertical line on my laptop, if I apply some places pressure or something it goes away. You cannot replace the video card.