Believe me, you are not along. Is it worth getting a new laptop instead? Finally, finally, my question. Is there any chance that carefully peeling back one of the really fine ribbon cables at the top of the screen which attaches to the circuit board and the glass of the LCD screen itself and then repasting it back on might fix this dead line of pixels? Is this likely the LCD or could it possibly be the vga cable?

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I just tried replcing the LCD cable gaeway nothing chaned. I have a dell with a wuxga true life display. When the laptop is connected to an external monitor everything is gateway 7811fx. Let me know the model part number, different models have different screens. It was caused by a liquid spill. Unplug the adapter, remove the battery, wait for 1 minute, plug the adapter and try gateway 7811fx it on.

Fixing bad video on LCD screen

Gateway 7811fx of the error do not reproduce it, unless that part of the image is near the right side of the screen. I but I can still figure out my problem.

I have it on a external crt monitor and it looks good i have also gateway 7811fx it on a tv through the s-video cable and it looks properly too. Maybe the line is still there but it is invisible on a black background? He says he is gateway 7811fx sure it is magnetic damage to the LCD; the gaeway itself appears to be working fine.

Torque the screen a little bit gateway 7811fx see if you can get the video back. That would be insanely expensive. I was advised that it was just the video cord that needs to be replaced.

It exactly corresonds to ribbon connection 4 from the left as you look at the gateway 7811fx board. But after min. I exacuted a full restore. If one part of the screen is perfectly fine and the second part is not, most likely this problem gateway 7811fx not related to the video cable.

BTW, look inside the gateway 7811fx connector on the motherboard and video connector on the back gafeway the LCD gatewway. If yes then most likely you have a bad screen. Some LCD screens are not very expensive and it makes sense replacing just the screen.

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The best way to fix your PC to run at peak performance is to update your drivers. Below is a link to my screen while XP is booting. Now the screen is in bars of blue, green and some white, predominately on the gateway 7811fx side of the screen and across the top. When I start it, it sounds like it usually does when I start it, gateway 7811fx then it stops loading after a few seconds. Later on I then tried to play Battlefield 2 and it again froze, but this time when I started it up it was back to its old problem gatsway good.

One final thing, I thought the VGA board on laptops was discrete? I think the invert board is to convert small dc voltage into high RMS voltage to ignite the backligh gateway 7811fx control the brightness not have to do with color? I move the display and it will come on again. I cannot narrow it down without test Gateway 7811fx. I used compressed air and I solved the problem about temperature. When you unplug the video cable from the motherboard, take gateway 7811fx look inside 78111fx gateway 7811fx.

There has got to be gsteway way to fix a screen that has problems like in example After a period of time the screen goes compleatly blank. Try switching gaeway computer, discharge any static in yourselfe by touching somthing grounded, a tap on your radiator for example remove the RAM chip, blow on the edge connector and re-insert Gareway.

Now, my screen have 4 vertical lines, The lines are like a hair.

My screen outputs to an external monitor fine. Is my LCD completlely shot or is it worth changing gateway 7811fx inverter or plugging and unplugging the connections to see if that fixes the problem.

This sounds to me like a problem with the screen. From my experience, this kind of failure thin vertical line across the screen is not related gateway 7811fx a failed video 78111fx, bad connection or bad video card. Maybe there is something wrong with the video cable? I insert a piece of soft plastic between the mask and screen and slowly move it along the screen.

Or what can be wrong with gateway 7811fx

Gateway Drivers Download for Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista

And the video and main memory have both tested fine. This test showed that red and blue ramped up cleanly from no color to intense color for tateway. I have gateway 7811fx Alienware Laptop and last night a pixel gateway 7811fx blue line appeared on my screen running vertically. Once this happens, I restart the computer and everything is fine until I move the screen. So not even 5 mins and windows is loading up and the screen turns gateway 7811fx colors. Every few reboots it will fix itself for one or two reboots.

And, when this happened the first time, my computer was slowed to a crawl before it froze for the first time, but this time it was working fine when it started. John, Have you tried to connect an external monitor to the laptop? I doubt gateway 7811fx they were telling me the truth.

Now, for the rest. It is now gateway 7811fx how or where can i get a new one and install it myself????