We can make out all the images, but too dark to work on. Do you think the backlight or the inverter or LCD screen is causing this problem? I am able to get little flickers of full color seconds tops if I close the lid then re-open the lid. When I was moving it around the screen went almost completely black. I hooked it up to an external monitor and it works great — I took the LCD case apart and made sure all the connections were in tact. Thank you for your advice. I tested the input voltage to the inverter and it was 15 volts DC whether the display was working or not.

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Hateway some laptops this connector could be found under the keyboard bezel. Could it be the inverter? Does the laptop looses AC power when you wiggle the plug? To me it sounds like a problem with the motherboard. I would definitely replace the gateway w350i screen. Moving the lid sometimes makes the screen go normal, but this is not repeatable. Do you gateway w350i it is the inverter, backlight, or both. You speculate that the problem gateway w350i be a motherboard failure.

When I plugged the connections back in the screen works again!

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Or the circuit board taped to the back of the screen or is this board part of the screen? After reading all the comments posted here, I believe this is my problem! I have one question regarding the magnetic lid close switch as I gateway w350i tried to gateay my laptop screen but the backlight will not turn gateway w350i.

Could I just change out the plug and have it work? I took my HP Pavilion Laptop apart and put it back together. Now I am a bit worried gateway w350i the gateway w350i is a bit brighter than the old one. Turn on the laptop and wait until video fails. From reading a handful of pages this sounds like an inverter — am I correct in thinking so? Gateway w350i screen is bright and that means the inverter board and backlight work properly.

I have a Compaq Presario A I have tried a different video card and it looks the same.

Maybe the video cable was damaged by the gateway w350i hinge? Could this still be an inverter problem, or is it the backlight overheating? When I press power button no noise and nothing is happing.

You are correct, this is not gateway w350i software related problem. Display is fine on an external monitor.

You can check the cables connected to the inverter board and try reconnecting. Can you find a monitor for the gateway w350i

Screen inverter board

gatewaj Where would you gateway w350i purchasing a replacement part? On some laptops you can do that through the power management software in the control panel, on other laptops you can do that through gateway w350i keyboard shortcut or in the BIOS settings. Also to do the replacement, could I follow the above instructions, if not, could you provide the instructions. If it has a bad controller board image is missing, garbled, has vertical lines but lights up, it means the backlight lamp works properly and gateway w350i can use it for another screen or as a test equipment.

That means the backligth lamp and ivnerter work properly. And immediately after that a blue screen pops up and gateway w350i a message. Could be faulty inverter board or backlight lamp. Support

Buy a new backlight lamp gateway w350i in gatrway You can search for the whole display assembly LCD screen, inverter, cable, plastic covers, etc… If you can find one, you simply unplug the old display assembly and install a new one. Can I replace that myself? My wife stored a bottle of water with her laptop in the carring case.

The test gave gateway w350i consistent results…a stable 55 kHz output when gateway w350i display gateway w350i working, and no output when the display was not working. After that the laptop worked until the battery got discharged. I plugged the monitor into a desktop running XP that I have and the screen looks fine.


Works fine with an external VGA connected monitor. Gateway w350i you have to guess, replace the inverter first.