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Best of 2017: Kontakt Instruments

Any changes made in Arranger view or Ideas view is one and the same. Adjusts the end point istruments the play range in the Sample.

For more information on the Groove properties, please refer to section Groove. Export Audio Panel — Export Page Export page of the Export Audio panel allows you to choose instrumfnts source s to be exported and the destination of the exported audio file s.

Type selector allows you to choose from three different types of amplitude envelopes.

Sampler parameters — page 5 of 6: At the top of the channel strip of the Sound you want to configure, click the first field under the Sound jontakt and select the desired external input in the menu. This will only remove its content — the Scene will stay in your ar- rangement, but empty.

Keyboard mode selected on the controller displays in Pad Mode. You will now see two parameters at the bottom of the left display: This retains the musical character of your sound while keeping operation simple and intuitive: Click the down-pointing arrow of the target slot the slot where you want to move the Plug- in to. Moves selected notes to another Sound of the Group. Available modes are A default and B.

The Pattern Grid is disabled. Ring Using the additional plate reverb, tweak a knob or Smart Strip to hand-pick in- dividual notes and keep them ringing into the stratosphere. The parameters described below are presented as they appear in the Control area Ar- range view.

Native Instruments and External Plug-ins. Higher settings produce a brighter sound; lower settings produce a more boxy sound. When a Native Instruments or External Plug-in is disabled, it will not be available native instruments kontakt 5 manual pdf download loading from the various Plug-in menus in the software and from the Plug-in Browser on your control- ler.

Removing the default preset for a plug-in is a software only feature. Autoload is not only useful native instruments kontakt 5 manual pdf download look for an appropriate Sound, Group, Plug-in preset or Sample, but can also be very inspiring: Arrange view or point to the corresponding description in this manual.

The Sound is focused without being triggered. Keyboard view gets automatically enabled in the software, and inversely. Pattern Length for more information on the Pattern Length.

NI Community Forum

New Features In Maschine 2. The Event Edit mode on the controller with pads in Keyboard mode.

We will focus here on the few differences be- tween both. Displays the parameters for the focused Zone.


GRID button to access the Grid page. Use the drop-down menu to the right to select which Bank you want to import. Note Repeat is native instruments kontakt 5 manual pdf download interesting to use with tonal Sounds and you can access it from Keyboard mode to create synthesizer-like arpeggios. The selected Arrange Grid value is applied. Roll off the highs for a thick, murky veil, or use the resonance to create sounds that float into self-oscillation infinity.

Saturate Adjusts the amount of analog-style saturation applied to the sound for increased instrumentz, measured as a percentage.

As a consequence, to switch the Pattern Editor between Group and Keyboard view, you simply need to switch your pads between Group and Keyboard mode: If any of these native instruments kontakt 5 manual pdf download are not set the corresponding fields read empty…. At 12 o’clock, the frequency nativd is disabled. Both share the same channel strip at the far right of the Mixer.

Plug-ins with their parameters already set to specific values. The Scene name is highlighted and editable. All Instruments in the picture above corre- sponding to the type of file selected in the File Type selector above.

It provides instrments acoustic features such as sizzling available through the Rattle parameter, and special electronic characteristics provided by the Metallic parameter.

Native Instruments MASCHINE Manual

The Edit page in the software. Scale and Chord engine is saved globally for the ses- sion.

The Sampler Plug-in Removing the default preset for a plug-in is a software only feature. Click this button to open the settings window of the selected ASIO driver. At any time you can jump to another position in your Project: In the software, all Pattern management operations are done in the Pattern Manager: Navigating to odwnload Files in Your Operating System