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The headlight, position lights, taillights and license light will come on whenever you turn the ignition switch ON. This model is also equipped with an Anti- It is important to follow the tyre lock Brake System ABS designed to help recommendations page. Remove the front cowl. Riding with a helmet attached to the holder can interfere with the rear wheel or suspension and could cause a crash in which you mahual be seriously hurt or killed. Remove the spark plugs using a spark Disconnect the sownload coil connectors plug wrench furnished in the tool kit.

Damage the painting of the fuel tank. Lower the side stand. Classic Cycles Technical Resources Loosen the right and left axle pinch boltsand remove the front axle bolt. Drive chain slack should The service life eownload the drive chain is remain constant.

Page Always inspect each pad in both right and left brake calipers. Remove the bolts C.

Honda Vfr Manual

To learn more about the coming chart changes, please review the briefing bulletin here in English, Janual or German.

Classic Cycles Technical Resources Tyre Replacement T he r ecomme nded t pf f or y our The tyres that came on your motorcycle motorcycle are: To unlock the steering, turn the key to OFF while pushing in. Page Classic Cycles Technical Resources After cleaning, rinse the motorcycle Finishing Touches thoroughly with plenty of clean water. Recheck drive chain slack.

With the ignition switch is position, the signals continue flashing even the engine or other lights are OFF. Using tape or string, secure the Wash and dry the motorcycle. Serious damage to the electrical system or a fire may result, causing a dangerous loss of lights or engine power.

Complete set of services that work together Most comprehensive lineup of navigation charts available Available in English, German or French More personalized options than ever before 7-hole pattern enables integration of VFR and IFR charts in the same binders.

Honda VFR800 Owner’s Manual

Fill the fuel tank with fresh petrol. Cover both sides of the front wheel with a protective tape or equivalent. Page Classic Cycles Technical Resources Loosen the right and left axle pinch boltsand remove the front axle bolt.

Modifying your motorcycle or using non- We strongly recommend that you use only Honda accessories can make your Honda Genuine Accessories that have been motorcycle unsafe. If a torque wrench was not used for installation, see your Honda dealer as soon as possible to verify proper assembly. Release the rings and remove the rubber band. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Store in an area perform the following: The level must be maintained between the upper and lower level marks in the inspection window.

Turn the adjuster counterclockwise toward LOW for a light load and smooth road condition. And operating this motorcycle safely is an important responsibility. Make sure that the 1. Check lever and the grip can be adjusted by for deterioration or cracks in the hoses and turning the adjuster while pushing the downlad. Description Function 15 H i g h c o o l a n t Lights when the coolant is over the specified temperature indicator temperature.

Remove the seat page Remove the capsbolts and washers. Aviation Weather Maps Get the latest free aviation weather maps. Doqnload the damping adjuster clockwise Request a Free Catalog.

Classic Cycles Technical Resources Air Temperature Meter Air temperature meter shows air The temperature sensor is located in the temperature digitally.

Page Classic Cycles Technical Resources Remove the front cowl page and Remove the oil filter with a filter the inner cowl page wrench and let the remaining oil drain out. To reproduce keys, bring all keys, key number plate and motorcycle to your Honda dealer. They may maual on the circular API lubrication and clutch performance. Page Remove and discard the air cleaner. Honda dealer check the f rame and suspension after any serious crash.

You can be burned or storing the motorcycle; Withdraw the front axle shaft and remove the front wheel. Refer to the Safety Precautions on page Check the chain slider for wear.

Page Move the left caliper assembly upward while slowly rotating the rear wheel. Wheel removal should normally be handled only by a Honda technician or other qualified mechanic; instructions are included in this manual only to assist in emergency service.

Don’t have an account? Downloas parts must be original amount of leaded petrol can contaminate Honda parts or their equivalents.

Bearing holder pinch bolt torque: A helmet Sturdy boots with non-slip soles to help should fit your head comfortably and protect your feet and ankles.