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Parvathi kumari Sir, Mujhay foundation course-1contemporary India: Discuss the conditions of economic life in the age of the Guptas. To what extent did the Western powers bring China under their domination without annexation? Trace the various stages that led to the Unification of Italy between and Critically examine the culture system in the Dutch East Indies Indonesia during the nineteenth century.

Himachal Pradesh Postal Circle Department. Explain the attitude of the Indian National Congress towards the constitutional changes ofand In sb question paper ki answer key kha milegiā€¦ plz tell. Analyses the distinguishing features of the land revenue system under the Mughals and point out its influence on the strength of the Mughal State.

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Give an account dosnload the impact of Islam on Indian culture in respect of society, religion and fine arts. Critically assess the period of the Cholas in the history of South India.

The unification of Italy and that of Germany constituted a contrast in respect of the ways they were affected and impact they left on later international politics.

Jharkhand Indian Reserve Battalion Police. Upssc its impact on landlords, peasants and the Government. Section B Modem World 5. Trace the evolution of the religious views of Akbar.

Was the state in the Sultanate period a theocracy? What were the ideals of the French Revolution of ? To what extent was it adopted by Babur and Humayun? Is i am Eligible for attending Exam? Madhya Pradesh Professional Examination Board.

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How did the Government of India implement this policy during this period? Examine causes of its decline.

Territorial Army Previous Question Papers. Discuss them in the light of corroborating evidence from archaeology and literature 4. Paper -I Section A 1. What is the length of the train? Do you believe that the uprising in was nationalist in nature?

Downnload am apply for CDS exam. Write short essays on any three of the following in about words each: In what way did it contribute to the economic unification of India?

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Three Hours Maximum Marks: November 14, Reply. Mark any fifteen of the following places on the map supplied to you and write brief historical notes on the places marked by you on the map. What I do please tell me and guide me.

Explain the main features of Montford Reforms. Guide me to how start cds exam study. Bring out the pattern of commercialization of agriculture in the 19th century. Please suggest me the best book for it and if possible please send some question papers for it on my ID.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Bank Ansswers Question Papers. Critically examine the New Deal of Franklin D. Examine the factors which were responsible for opening and development of European trade in-India during the 16th and 17th centuries. How far did he succeed in solving them? Assess the achievements of the Pallavas in administration and art. February 11, Reply. Or, how can he prepare himself for fourthcoming NDA exam?

Trace the course of the movement for Italian Unification from with special reference to the contribution of Mazzini. Time management is the primary consideration in competitive exams.

Hi Nitesh, There is answfrs need of coaching, you can follow correct books and papers to crack it. What was the impact of early British land policy in the village communities of North India? How did it strengthen the Sultanate? What was its inference on Chinese attitude to foreigners? Mark any fifteen of the following on the map supplied to you and give descriptive notes on them: Assess the pattern of settlement, economy social organization and religion of India during C to BC from archaeological evidences.

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