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Histology is an essential tool of biology and medicine. Yistology improve this article by removing excessive or inappropriate external links, and converting useful links where appropriate into footnote references.

The New York Times. Neuronal Pyramidal Purkinje Granule.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For pathological evaluation of tissues, vertical sectioning, cut perpendicular to the surface of the tissue to produce a cross section is the usual nistology. Enteric nervous system Submucous plexus Myenteric plexus. Ground substance Tissue fluid.

Neuromuscular junction Motor unit Muscle spindle Excitation—contraction coupling Sliding filament mechanism. Sections can be cut through the tissue in a number of directions.

Sources of Information

History of Science 15 2, [2]. A Text and Atlas, 4th Edition. Horizontal also known as transverse or longitudinal sectioning, cut along the long axis of the tissue, is often used in the evaluation of the hair follicles and pilosebaceous units. Uranyl acetate and lead citrate are commonly used to impart contrast to tissue in the electron microscope.

A Brief Survey of Sources. There is also a shedding phase, or exogenaflas is independent of anagen and telogen in which one of several hairs that might arise from a single follicle exits.

Atlxs refers to the science of using chemical reactions between laboratory chemicals and components within tissue. Fluids Bile Pancreatic juice. Int J Surg Pathol. Cell division in the papilla is either rare or non-existent. Articles containing Ancient Greek-language text Articles needing additional references from March All articles needing additional references Wikipedia external links cleanup from March Wikipedia spam cleanup from March Wikipedia articles with GND identifiers.

Medical Image Format FAQ – Part 7

A glycocalyx surface coat contains digestive enzymes. A history of the development of histology up to the end of the nineteenth century. Rotavirus selectively invades and kills mature enterocytes in the small intestine. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A commonly performed histochemical technique is the Perls Prussian blue reaction, used to demonstrate iron deposits in diseases like hemochromatosis.

Astrocyte Radial glial cell Ependymal cells Tanycyte Microglia. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Bonn, Adolph Marcus, link. The internal root sheath is composed of three layers, Henle’s layerHuxley’s layerand an internal cuticle that is continuous with rods outer layer of the hair fiber.

Malpighi, while studying the structure of the lung, noticed its membranous alveoli and the hair-like connections between veins and arteries, which he named capillaries.

Hair follicle

In other pdv Wikimedia Commons. For transmission electron microscopy, a diamond knife mounted in an ultramicrotome is used to cut nanometer -thick tissue sections which are mounted on a 3-millimeter-diameter copper grid.

This can be detrimental to certain histological techniques. The muscle area can also cause the follicle to stick up slightly above the nearby skin piloerection with a pore incased with skin oil. Hiztology commonly, autoradiography is used to visualize the locations to which a radioactive substance has been transported within the body, such as cells in S phase undergoing DNA replication which incorporate tritiated thymidineor sites to which radiolabeled nucleic acid probes bind in in situ hybridization.

The hardened blocks containing the histoology samples are then ready to be sectioned. Views Read Change Change source View history. Malpighi analysed several parts of the organs of bats, frogs and other animals under the microscope.

The hair fiber is composed of a cuticle that is continuous with the root sheath, an intermediate cortex, and an inner medulla.