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That being said, life is not perfect and I appreciated Miller’s honesty in his writing, including and especially in the resolution. Funding period Jan 26, – Mar 7, 40 days.

But I thought that was the point. In fact, I felt bad for just about everyone that interacted with just about anyone else in the book. In One Person by John Irving His most daringly political, sexually transgressive, and moving novel in well over a decade”….

I quit my job. This book made me cry. Set in Los Angeles, the novel follows Jake Reed, a world-weary recent college graduate struggling to find use for his liberal arts degree amidst a waning workforce. I in no way identified with any of the characters in this book. Seriously actually like it. He throws in plenty of references thlnk literature and pop culture, so I stayed with it for a while longer to see where it was going.

The kind that can move on easily, and let go. He seems to think I have written something special enough to make this happen.

Lists with This Book. As another example, the scene with the camera phone where Jake’s girl of the week takes a photo of the sunset from his balcony and uses an app on her phone to enhance the colors, causing Jake disappointment with the real sunset outside. View all 5 comments. Then after awhile I realized that had they not been there, I wouldn’t have related quite as much. The novel provides a fascinating, grim, and often times humorous portrayal of the lifestyle that represents our contemporary youth.

Isn’t It Pretty To Think So? (download PDF, MB) | testkey

I love that we all have access to the same words but that there are infinite possibilities for the ways we can combine them, or mold them, or play with them. And there are many good books waiting next to my bed. With some insightful speech or note or rambling sililoqy? There are no discussion topics on this millef yet. I’ve seen crazy, but so blatantly bizarre? View all 3 comments.

No trivia or quizzes yet. He has asked me to forgo trying to publish my novel in the traditional way. Perhaps more than you know. How could one be that exact on a feeling if he hadn’t downloda it himself? His experiences there were so tragically raw, so real and so out of control I just couldn’t stop reading.

So I’m setting this aside.

Isn’t It Pretty To Think So?

And then there are the others. The people who are just happy. I mean how many people extend a hand to a stranger like that? Sep 03, Amy Brown rated it it was amazing.

Miller captures the angst, restlessness, and spirit of the Millennial Generation — a group mindlessly charging through the recession during a time when the line between existence in the physical and digital world is blurred.

Because when you put four similes in one long run-on sentence, and your similes are along the lines of women surrounding some celebrity in a bar “like beads of sweat on a forearm in a sauna” or some such eye-rolling nonsense, you cannot put yourself in the pantheon with Coelho or Garcia Marquez or any of those authors your protagonist, an aspiring writer, cites in your book.

Gratitude for writing this novel that smacks of the best of the old world and dares to venture into the brave new one. Given the high ratings on Goodreads, I special ordered Author Nick Miller is very talented at social media. And don’t writers always take from what they know?

Except it’s not all like “Come on, don’t you wanna thjnk cool? Boinking another brainless ditz? Writing is the only thing in my life that makes sense. I’ve read some reviewers making comparisons with Catcher in the Rye. So we know that Nick has cracked one of the toughest obstacles for a newly published author: Support Select this reward. Learn more about accountability. I will do what it takes.

Isn’t It Pretty To Think So? by Nick Miller

Suffice it to say, it was the story of the life of a twenty something living in LA. I think I’m gonna have a week long book hang-over on this one. Los Angeles, California United States. The book beautifully conveys a generational restlessness and need to connect in a time when young people have merged with technology and fully embraced instant gratification and excess.

Jake has inherited money from his grandmother to allow him the freedom dlwnload live the vagabond life of an aspiring writer. I do not find this to be an accurate version of the younger generation.

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