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Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine, 19th Edition Textbook

Similar to the prior seven editions, this new edition of the Manual, drawn from the 18th edition of HPIM, presents the key features of the diagnosis, clinical manifestations, and treatment of the major diseases diwnload are likely to be encountered on a medical service. In this regard, every chapter has received a close review and has been updated from the prior edition, with substantial revisions and new chapters provided where appropriate.

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The format of the book has been further streamlined to reflect more use of abbreviated text, with use harrisonns numerous tables and graphics to help guide understanding and decisions mmedicine the point of care. As with previous editions, this latest edition of the Manual attempts to keep up with the continual and sometimes rapid evolution of internal medicine practices.

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Harrisons Manual of Medicine, 18th Edition

With the rapidly expanding base of medical knowledge and the time constraints associated with heavy patient-care responsibilities in modern health care settings, it is not always possible to read a comprehensive account of diseases and their presentations, clinical manifestations, and treatments before or even immediately after encountering the patient. In full recognition medivine the important role of digital information delivery in alleviating the increasing time demands put on clinicians, the 18th edition of the Manual has also been made available in portable format downloqd the smartphone and tablet.

The Manual has met with increasing popularity over the years; its popularity and value relate in part to its abbreviated format, which has proven to be extremely useful for initial diagnosis, brief description of pathogenesis, and outline of management in time-restricted clinical settings.

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