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Adding data to your donwload. Introducing Adobe Flex 4. Introducing Flex in a Week 6: Using the DataGrid control. Day 5 project files. Displaying dynamic data in a custom item renderer.

Flex in a Week video training | Adobe Developer Connection

Populating an application with data using WebService. Introducing Flex components and controls Introducing styling and skinning 9: Generating value objects using Flash Builder data services 9: Creating custom skin properties 9: Using the addEventListener method.

Experimenting with container layouts. Deploying to the desktop.

Extending the Event class to pass data in the event object. Implementing a Spark item renderer in List-based controls 3: Passing data to item renderers for display. Flex in a Week video training. Dispatching a value object from the custom component Making a server request using WebService 9: Using a two-way binding. Creating a production build. Requesting and retrieving XML data from the server 9: Creating item renderers for Spark List components.

To make it easier for you to learn Flex, you will use the Eclipse-based Flash Builder 4. Creating custom skin properties.

Flex in a Week requirements. Introducing ArrayCollection and other data types 9: Extending the Event class to pass data in the event object Setting up Flash Builder and your project files. This training course will help you understand how you can leverage the open source Flex framework to build RIAs.

Flex in a Week video training

Day 1 project files. Animating components with effects. Passing data to the server using RemoteObject.

Populating an application with data using RemoteObject. Implementing a value object and a typed data model 9: Introducing advanced CSS selectors 8: Page layout and animation. Styling the Form container. Learn about the mechanics of the training course, understand the prerequisites, and preview the topics to be covered.

Adobe Flex Tutorial

Using Flash Beginnres 4. Implementing skin states 8: Creating and applying skins. Creating and formatting the DataGrid control Skinning the SkinnableDataGroup container. View samples Tour de Flex.

Defining styles in CSS 9: Creating an ActionScript class and instances. Laying out an application