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This creates a seamless front soundstage and eliminates the possibility of distracting sonic disturbances that occur when a sound moves across mismatched front-channel speakers.

Other cardboard inserts may be stored in the same manner. Note that even when component video connections are used, the audio harmab should still be made to either the analog DVD Audio Inputs. When the Sleep function is in use, these numbers show pdd many minutes remain before the unit goes into the Standby mode. Setting the System Configuration Memory The AVR features an advanced memory system that enables you to establish different configurations for the speaker configuration, digital input, surround mode, delay times, crossover frequency and output levels for each input source.

Connect the AC plug to an unswitched AC wall output. Assemble the Kafdon Loop Antenna supplied with the unit as shown below.

A few minutes speakers is on the side walls of the room, at or No more spent to correctly configure and calibrate the than 24″ slightly behind the listening position. When the unit is in operation, the indicator will turn green. The first press selects the last DTS Neo: When the semi-OSD system is used in conjunction with the discrete configuration buttons, the onscreen display will show a single line of text with the current menu selection. This flexibility enables you to custom-tailor the way in which you listen to each source kardoh have the AVR memorize those settings.

Regardless of the brand of cable selected, we recommend that you use a cable constructed of multistrand copper with a gauge of 14 or smaller. When the button is held for a few seconds you will note that the unit will quickly search afr frequency band.

Surround Mode Selector k to select a soundfield mode or the Digital Select Button q to change a digital input and then press mnaual of these buttons to scroll through the list of options or to increase or decrease a setting. If other Harman Kardon compatible source equipment is part of the main room installation, the Remote IR Output jack d on the rear panel should be connected to the IR IN jack on source equipment.

These buttons do not have a direct function with the AVRbut when used with a compatibly programmed CD or DVD changer they will change the disc currently being played in the changer.

Harman Kardon Avr Manual Pdf

If possible, adjust all front loudspeakers so that they are aimed at ear height when you are seated in the listening position. The exclamation point within an equilateral triangle is intended to alert the pef to the presence of important operating and maintenance servicing instructions in the literature accompanying the appliance.

When all audio, video and system 250 have been made, downloaad are a few configuration adjustments that must be made. Complete control over volume is possible with a separate infrared control link. The first press of the button switches the surround mode to the last Dolby surround mode that was in use.

Designed to provide all the excitement and detail of movie soundtracks and every nuance of musical selections, the AVR is truly a multichannel receiver for the new millenium.

However, there Important Safety Information proper grounding and, in particular, specifies is no guarantee that harmful interference will Verify Line Voltage Before Use that the cable ground katdon be connected to the not occur in a particular installation.

See page 28 for more information. The option to print the manual has also been provided, and you can use it by clicking the link above – Print the manual.

Download the Harman Kardon AVR manuals for free – Hifi Manuals

Many brands of cable are available and the choice of cable pdff be influenced by the distance between your speakers and the receiver, the type of speakers you use, personal preferences and other factors. See page 29 for more information on digital audio. See page 29 for more information on using digital inputs. For standard analog inputs, only the L and R will light, indicating a stereo input. Do not use abrasive cleaners, as they may damage the finish pcf metal parts.

To ensure that all the audio signals are carried to your speakers without loss of clarity or resolution, we suggest that you use high-quality speaker cable.

Note that the Power Indicator 3 will turn amber, indicating that the unit is in the Standby mode. See page 22 for more information on configuring speakers. Cables that are run inside walls should have the appropriate markings to indicate listing doanload UL, CSA or other appropriate testing agency standards.

Harman Kardon AVR 520 Manuals

When MID is highlighted, a mild compression will be applied. In normal use, press it to select one of the Logic 7 modes.

Once the unit is turned off, the jacks will revert to their normal use as an input when the unit is turned on manuzl. Press this button to begin the process for setting the delay times used by the AVR when processing surround sound. Press the Set Button p again to complete the process.

The speakers should be no more than six feet behind the rear of the seating area. When disconnecting the power cord from an AC outlet, always pull the plug; never pull the cord. They may be used to power accessory devices, but they should not be used with highcurrent draw equipment such as power amplifiers.

Press these buttons to raise or lower the system volume. The sensor microphone for the EzSet microphone is behind these slots.